Freddy V

Easier Than It Looks

Freddy V's Stage Setup

”I've been playing a Yamaha Custom Z on tenor, with the optional gold plated neck. My alto is a Selmer MkVI.  Both my alto and tenor mouthpieces were made by Jody Espina in Savannah, GA. Jody is a great saxophonist who is earning a great rep among some very well respected players. He is making some incredible pieces and he personally tests each one. I use Super Jet 8* on tenor and and DV 8 on alto and I love the way they play. I can't wait to get one for my soprano, (maybe then I'll start playing it again). For reeds, I use Rico Jazz Select Filed. I use one of Phil Barone's Satin Gold Plated necks on alto.

My mic is a modified version of AMT(Applied Microphone Technologies) model L-11. They're great, lightweight mics and our sound guy loves them. I'm one of their beta testers, and the mics I use were retrofitted with a very effective mounting system, which really eliminates key noise. When I do local gigs around Atlanta, I use their Wi5II. It has the transmitter mounted onto the mic, which clips on the bell, so no more dealing with a belt pack. Every sound guy I encounter says "Wow, what is that mic? it sounds awesome!" I've turned on several sax players in ATL onto the AMT mics, and they all love them.”

- Fred Vigdor

Fred’s Gear


Alto: Selmer Mark VI,
Tenor: Yamaha Custom Z

Alto: JodyJazz DV8 .
Tenor: JodyJazz SuperJet 8*

Tenor: Rico Jazz Select 4S filed 
Alto: Rico Jazz Select 3H filed


Microphones: (AMT)Applied Microphone Technologies. Model L-11 (modified)
Harmonizer/ Effects : TC•HELICON VOICELIVE